Umi, founded in 1997, has been a preffered company with its construction projects that forms and follow the cutting edge innovations and provide high quality, comfortable, and esthetic productions.

We have chosen to improve our technical skills while following a solution oriented approach that is tied firmly to general and ethical values to constantly cultivate our competetive advantages. We have gathered a young, hardworking and practical team that is relevant with our innovative structure.

We have grasped the human nature and focus our experience on the idea that provides value to this universal understanding. Our working processes, empowered by our rigorous planning stages, lead to high quality and authentic production end results.

We continue pioneering the projects that shed light to the construction sector with our extensive experience, technical infrastructure and trained staff.


Umi continues to participate project and after project activities which focuses on aesthetic and comfort and innovative appraoch that doesnt concede quality a bit.

• Never concede general and Professional ethics
• Always having a solution based approach that goes beyond our contracts with our customers and contractors
• Being innovative, using the cutting edge technologies and looking for better approaches
• Being extra carefull about work safety and environmental friendliness
• Having a company culture that cultivates creativity, honesty, continous improvement and encourage taking responsibility for our young staff
• Improving our management and technical abilities to maintain our competetive advantage.