Mudanya / Bursa

We are inspired from the nature, sea and Mudanya

Mudanya, located between two major cities, offers peace and serenity by its streets that portray the images from history and the bazaars that cherish the fresh crops produced in its own fertile fields. Mudanya, with its climate, nature and sea, acts as a town of tranquility both from Bursa and Istanbul that are connected via a short and a confortable sea ride.

Return to Sea, Nature and One’s Self

We aimed to make sure you feel safe, serene, peacefull and happy as we planned the Deniz Kabuğu Evleri. We are inspired from the nature, sea and Mudanya. We dedicated a great view to your windows; freshness to your lives; calmness to your soul.

Deniz Kabuğu Evleri will not only keep you at the core of life just as you wish to be calm but also being located only 15 minutes away to downtown and 10 minutes away to İDO and BUDO. Built upon 17.200 m2 land, consisting of 7 blocks and 168 apartments, Deniz Kabuğu Evleri invites you to a new, profound life by its confortable houses with sea scenery, 7.800 m2 green fields, social facilities, indoors and outdoors swimming pools, 7/24 security, indoors and outdoors parking lots and kids’ playgrounds.

Blue at each step
Mudanya will increase your energy by its climate, sea and nature. The blue sea scenery of Deniz Kabuğu Evleri will fill you with serenity.

Green at each step
Mudanya will make you feel happy with the olive and pine trees which will refresh your breath. Deniz Kabuğu Evleri will make you enjoy every moment with its meticulously planned landscapes and gardens and pool joy in all 4 seasons.

Wisdom at each step
Mudanya will make you feel allright with its historical texture and wisdom. Deniz Kabuğu Evleri will save you from merely looking superficially and present you the joy of the depth of seeing and feeling.

  • 7 blocks&168 apartments over 17.200m2 area
  • Indoor & outdoor pools
  • Indoor & outdoor parking lots
  • Walking paths
  • Kids playgrounds
  • 7/24 CCTV with nightvision
  • Built-in Intercom
  • 3 different satellite systems
  • Security and management building
  • Within the activity facility
  • Fitness
  • Pool
  • Table tennis
  • Sauna
  • Jakuzi
  • Cafe & Bar
  • HDTV Hall
  • Meeting hall
  • Dressing rooms & WCs