İnegöl / Bursa

The dawn of a new project in the new attraction zone of İnegöl, Alanyurt, where the grass is greener and happiness meet serenity: Gölpark Konakları. Umi, with the motto of “A New World, A New Life” has started its new project to increase the quality of life and set higher standarts in İnegöl. Gölpark Konakları welcomes residents over a 24.000m² area, with private personal options, large green areas, examplery construction quality and unprecedented social opportunities.

Architectural Project

Design that unites green and blue (enterance apartments with gardens, 12.000m² green areas)
Large and spacious sites that focus on maximum comfort conditions
Smart home systems
High quality, specially designed personal life options
Plan alternatives for different requirements
Used materials are not harzardous for human health
High energy productivity buildings
Areas to facilitate social life
Sports and fun zones for kids and youth

  • 6 blocks & 128 apartments over 24.000m² area
  • 33.495m² construction area
  • 12.000 m² green area
  • 2 Swimming Pools (indoors&outdoors)
  • Parking lots
  • Walking paths
  • Kids’ playgrounds
  • Social activity facility
  • Fitness
  • Pool
  • Table tennis
  • Sauna
  • Jakuzi
  • cafe&bar
  • HD TV Saloon
  • Meeting Hall
  • Dressing Rooms & WCs
  • Kids Club
  • 7/24 CCTV with night vision
  • Built-in Intercom
  • 3 different sattelite systems
  • Security and management building